Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Long Weeks and Rainy Weather

This has been a busy few days for me. Sunday we went out to a new brunch place. Our favorite one just closed it's doors (tears of woe!) and this new one was nice... but just not the same! On the way back we stopped and I got a new shelving unit for the computer room to organize my art corner of doom. It looks so good in here now- and everything is right where I can grab it.

(I love the kindergarten-y look, not to mention what looks like a yarn waterfall down the side!)

I also finished my new pullover this weekend and wore it to work Monday. I need to block it, but it's fallen off my radar as it's really a spring/summer kind of sweater.

Monday night I set out on a voyage to find out if I could get the Romantic Wrap pattern somewhere in town (and therefore instantly, curse my impatient heart). I started at the Eaton Center for another errand- a new mouse for my computer.

Then I headed to the top end of the city to Micheal's, where I didn't find the pattern but I did find some Kroy sock yarn on sale in a very appealing blues and greys colourway as well as some Red Heart soft in a perfect wine colour for the steampunk cuffs and collar. It was on for only 2.50$ a skein- how could I resist?

My last stop was Walmart at the Dufferin Mall. No luck on the pattern there, and I stopped myself from buying any more yarn. Groceries I did get- kiwi strawberry yogurt, bacon and avacados among other treats and necessities. Yummy.
(Last time I went to Walmart, I got mats for blocking. I love them!)

Of course, after all that and not finding the pattern book, I finally gave in and ordered it. But I couldn't just order that and pay that much shipping for a little booklet that would cost nothing to ship! So I looked around the site 'til I found something I need- blocking wires. They were a few dollars more than Knitpicks, but since I needed to add something to make the shipping worth it, that was fine. I'm excited as I have several projects that could stand a really good blocking but need wires to stay properly shaped.

Yesterday night I came home to find my book order from Amazon already here. I do love their shipping. I dove right into the Callum Pullover for my nephew. I'm making it in blue with yellow as an accent and green for the details. It's so sweet, and I love the way the pattern is written. The yellow is so sunshiney, too. It's hard not to love it!

I also made a pair of long fingerless gloves for work. I used the Berrocco Flicker I got this weekend and I am quite please with them.

The pattern was super simple, not even truly a pattern. I just did a fsc row about the width of my wrist, work a few even rows, added a thumb gusset by inc 2sc twice one stitch apart in the same place for 5 rows. After working even until the gloves hit just above where the thumbhole should be, I skipped an appropriate amount of stitches for a thumb hole the next round and worked straight 'til they were long enough for my hands and went back and worked a few rows for the thumb. Next I went to the other side of the foundation chain and started working backwards, just increasing when I needed to. There's a bit of a gap at the chain, but I don't mind. Next time I'll only work one even row before the thumb gusset so it's right at the wrist. Then I can add some details!

I decided on the way to work that they weren't long enough, so I added a ribbed cuff with FP and BP DC's. They still aren't quite as long as I want- I want my entire forearm comfortably covered so I can wear half and three quarter sleeves without touching the cold desk at work. I'll be adding to the cuff soon enough.
(Wore my clapochet to work today. It's so snuggly in the bad weather!)

Speaking of work, I have the next two days off! I'm really excited. I only have until next Friday on this contract, though, so it's not as awesome as it could be. A short vacation is more fun when it won't be followed by a possibly long unpaid one. I did just start a project at work that they might hire me back on to finish, though. I've got my fingers crossed- I love that place.

Hopefully lots of pictures tomorrow since I'll be home during the day!

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