Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Pain of the Frogging...

I had to frog a lot today. I tried not to. Oh, did I try not to! I don't like to frog. It's giving in and saying that I made a mistake- but more than that, it's a lot of work and I'm so extremely lazy.

I'm working on entrelac socks. It's pretty fun as I've never tried entrelac before. I finished the body of the first sock and chained the heel space and started in on the pattern.

And then I tried them on. Oh yes, you can see where this is going.

The heel chain was too tight. Too tight by a lot. It hurt my foot. I kept trying to stretch things out, hoping that would be ok. I even kept going for awhile, pretending it was gonna be fine.
I mean, I was this far already!

But this morning I woke up to the truth. I needed to pull them back and redo the heel space if they were ever going to be comfortable. I tried to pretend again- I start the first round of the heel, and of course that made no difference. So I sighed and began to frog.

Then I added a few more rounds to the body of the foot and made the heel chain, and made that heel chain as loose as I could.
I'm back to the end of the first entrelac row. I'll catch up to where I was soon enough, and this time, they fit.
I don't think I have enough yarn for a second, though, so I might have to go back and hope there's still more of this on clearance! Otherwise I'll just have to make mismatched socks.

In better news, my pullover is dry and looking nice, and my gray mitts are still making me happy, which means they're done. No more adding to them- just done done done!

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