Friday, March 4, 2011

Share the Crochet Love

I've been an avid crocheter for years now. It's become part of my life, and it's something I hate to miss even for a day. It's soothing and fun, it's making beautiful things, it's making inexpensive and useful things, it's buying treat yarn and the joy of searching for just the right pattern.
Crochet has a bad rep in some ways. So many people think of nothing but dainty doilies and ugly granny squares, and there is so much more to it.To me, it's an incredibly versatile craft. Colourwork, lace, speed, amigurumi, versatility- crochet has so much to offer. Crochet is one of the few crafts that can't be emulated by a machine. There's something really awesome about that. I can make something and know that no one but another crocheter could make that. We can make beautiful projects that can't be mass produced.
It's also a unique experience to be on a new wave of interest and beauty in the craft. The incredible range of patterns coming from designers, both the established designers and the small indie designers are exciting to watch. More than ever there are beautiful patterns being made for creations that some people don't even know can be crocheted!

It can be frustrating, too. Crocheters have come across bad attitudes, ignorance and a lack of resources. The amount of patterns out there is growing, but it's still relatively small.
Still, the growth is encouraging. Even some of the places once very crochet-unfriendly are starting to open their doors. After all, we go through yarn pretty fast! Still, it seems only few places are giving it equal billing. They wonder why we don't spend our money, and we wonder why they don't try to market to us!

To me, crochet is an everyday joy. I can turn to my left and see my shelves of all my projects, just waiting for me to start or finish. I can see finished projects waiting for me to wear them once again. The yarn is so many things to me. It's gifts to be made and clothing to add to my wardrobe and soft bits of delight that will give me so much joy!

I am not a slow, patient person. I will do things wrong quickly four times and then figure out what I'm doing, or start into something without being really prepared. Sometimes this means I finish things really quickly, and sometimes this means I spend all evening pulling out a mistake I should have been aware of a long time ago.

So here's my little blog with my voice and my love for the craft. I want to share pictures and stories and everyone's favorite-yarn porn. I hope to add a few patterns at some point and contribute to the growth of this craft.
So stitch around and enjoy my terrible puns and my crochet!

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